About the Public Action Plan

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Town Hall participants will create an Action Plan (see above) for solutions to climate change in the Sacramento region. We are looking for concrete steps that can be taken by individuals, organizations, and agencies to both reduce our carbon emissions (mitigate) and prepare for climate changes that are inevitable (adaptation). The initial items for the Plan will be developed in advance of the May 17th Town Hall Meeting on Climate Change, discussed and refined at the Town Hall, and finalized after the event. 

The Goal: To accelerate efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprint and prepare for future impacts. This Action Plan will help stimulate ideas and discussions about solutions to the climate crisis, and will help foster collaboration among organizations, agencies, and individuals in our community.

The Process: The Public Action Plan is organized in 10 interest areas. Action items will identify concrete actions to address climate change. Each item will include the Challenge/Solution/Responsibilities. Town Hall participants are invited to offer their own action items prior to the Town Hall by responding to a survey that will be sent after registering. You can also send action items to info@350sacramento.org.

Your action items should address all three: Challenge, Solution and suggested Responsibilities. You may add to any existing suggestions already in the Action Plan, or suggest modifications to any. There is no limit to the number of ideas that can be added under each area. Prior to the Town Hall, the planning committee will compile the best ideas for the 8 interest groups to work on.


  • Behavior Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Economics
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Health
  • Land Use
  • Social/Environmental Justice
  • Transportation
  • Water

Go to Public Action Plan


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