Letter to Endorsers

350 logo-big

We are pleased to invite you to endorse the Town Hall Meeting on Climate Change scheduled for May 17 in Sacramento. This 1-day Town Hall will be an opportunity for individuals and organizations to come together to share ideas and solutions to the huge challenge of climate change. The event is sponsored by 350 Sacramento, a local grassroots organization committed to addressing the threat of climate change in our community, along with many other local organizations.

As an endorser, you will be recognized in the Town Hall program, which will include a short statement about your organization and what you are doing related to climate change. You will also have an opportunity to share your information and materials with participants. We are asking a sliding-scale donation of $25 to $100 (or more) from organizations that can afford it.

We are also looking for cosponsors, those who would like to support the Town Hall in more substantial ways. Cosponsors will be recognized from the podium and in the program.

Please contact us at info@350sacramento.org or 916-284-1627 for more information and to become part of this historic event.


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